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Creating an Eco-Friendly Event

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These days being environmental-friendly can be seen everywhere from the choices we make in our clothing, the vehicles we drive, and even the products and services we use for our special events.

To easily create an eco-friendly event, you must first start with product choice. Use safe biodegradeable products at your events, or ask the venue for resources of items that can be recycled for multiple use.

A top item to start with, and one which can even transform your event’s theme into a more natural look is the use of fiber and bamboo products. Items such as table lines, napkins, and chair covers can be used with fabrics made from fiber, soy, hemp, and silk. And if you don’t really require the china look, bamboo disposables in plates, bowls, silverware provide a nice contemporary look and are very eco-friendly as they are biodegradeable.

Second, select bulk beverage options. Why the sudden need to entertain everyone with their own plastic water bottle. Beverage stations have take taken a popular turn at weddings and other special event. Why not have a lemonade or fruit punch bar, and with the right selection of cups, NO STYROFOAM, you can easily contribute this are of detail to turning your event GREEN!

Photo Courtesy: GetMarried.com

Another less obvious choice, would be to promote eco-friendly transportation. If you are holding an event in a popular location that is centrally local to bus and walking transportation, why not promote this option on the invite. Imagine all your guests you live a bus ride from the event venue keeping the air just a little bit cleaner by keeping their cars parked in the driveway.

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