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How to Tackle that Drunken Guest

As an event coordinator, I’ve definitely seen my fair share of guests having too much of a good time and those that needed to check in (to the hotel room, that is) much earlier than they thought. If you plan to coordinate your event without an event professional, remember to follow these guidelines.

  • Keep your sense of humor. Don’t ruin the party for yourself, just try to keep things under control.
  • Relocate and find the keys. If you have a rather large event space, move your guest to an area a bit less distracting and find them a seat. Chances are, they’ll fall asleep and never remember there’s a party even going on.
  • Talk with the bartender and servers prior, and kindly ask them to substitute that vodka or gin, with a seltzer or sprite, with that Red Bull.
  • And finally, with paper napkins and towels in hand, find your friend an escort home by way of cab. Chances are, the paper napkins and towels will come in handy at about this point.

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