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Write a Great Thank-You Note

By the time you’ve signed your hundredth card, you’ll not care if your comments are starting to sound the same or seemed too canned. But bear in mind, the person on the receiving end will. So here are some ideal thank-you points and highlights to show that your gratitude can be beautifully expressed.

  • Direct the letter to all the gift-givers (even if you know that the hubby had no part in selecting the gift).
  • Always mention the item (the gift) by name.
  • Bring up any special efforts the guest went through for you.
  • If possible, refer to a specific conversation you had with the guest at the event.
  • Its nice to suggest a future encounter with the gift-givers, but only if its realistic.
  • State how you are using or plan to use the gift. This is very important if the gift was in a form of a check/money.
  • Ideally a thank you note should be sent with six weeks of the date the gift was received (eight weeks at the most).

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