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And I’m Back!

After relentless and countless hours, I’ve finally launched my website for my event planning business. And I am so thrilled to share this with everyone. As you all know, I love a GREAT party and even more, I love planning that GREAT party. From birthday celebrations to fine dining affairs, I get ecstatic the moment an idea pops into my mind for a fiesta, sure to make it one of it’s kind. So as my head files away images for some upcoming parties I am planning, I took a small break Saturday to work with two of my favorite people for a small photoshoot. I teamed up with these two for my first photoshoot for my professional headshots and was blown away by the end results. (Just look at my bio photo to the right.)

First, hooking my make-up is Diane Cobb. She is a natural beauty, whose been able to not just once, but TWICE, transform me from former tomboy to supermodel. She is an awesome talent in this field and am happy that she teamed up with me for these newest photos.

 And my photographer; she and I go all the way back to the third grade, Kristin Hogsett. I cannot even find the words to describe her genius. She’s so dedicated about her craft that she just makes you feel very comfortable (as if she were just the bathroom mirror, while you’re vogueing). She, I believe, is destined to be a force in the photography business.

And I think of my own goals; following in the ranks of a Sharon Sacks or Mindy Weiss, would be awesome!! But I KNOW I got a long way baby before I join the ranks of those two. And for now, I am happy knowing that some part of my destiny is to help others. And God willing, it is to use my gift of organization, style, coordination, with a twist of elegance and natural spunk. I want to be able to help people bring the dreams of the “big” day or social party to life. And I’ll be doing it one party at a time.

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