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Unveiling My New Ads

Just wanted to quickly show off the new ad campaign that I’ve been working on for the past month. I wanted to focus on both the weddings and social events that I plan, so therefore, there are a series of ads with different featured photos. In all, I use the same tagline in all…”the memories last a lifetime”. I’ve always realized in my 10 years planning events that regardless of how I feel during the planning process or how I may be feeling during the event day; I am creating a memory for those attending for which I know will last for eternity. It’s envitable, we all have stories about events that we’ve attended in our lifetime, and for the ones that should and do mean the most, I want them to matter most. Matter enough that you leave all the brunt work to the professional to organize and coordinate your day so you can enjoy it most. I love it! So enjoy and you shall be seeing these ads real soon.





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