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The Expression

It is a beautiful thing when you are able to wear your expression for life and love proudly within your outer appearance. Whether its the new sparkling engagement (princess cut) ring on the once naked finger, or the new Prada bag clutched safely in your hand. The time we take each morning to make ourselves up for the eyes of the world is a declaration of how you feel about life and love. We, women, will spend countless minutes each morning straightening our hairs for the precious 3-4 hours of the day where it is reminiscent of a hair commercial. It says to those, that I care about myself and believe you should, too. That is why I had 4 wardrobe changes before leaving the house today. This same attitude should be applied when you are planning party. Always make that good first impression, mainly with the expression of your presentation. Guests entering the main event will be swooned by butler passed appetizers and cocktails drinks on shiny trays. This sort of presentation is not “right out the box”, its a welcoming invitation to feel good about life and be loved. You have to admit, it is one of the best feelings.

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